Man Enters Aquarium, Strips Naked & Jumps Into Shark Tank [Video]

shark tank

Law enforcement has identified a suspect after a man entered Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto late Saturday night, almost instantly stripped nude and jumped into the shark tank.

shark tank
37-year-old Dave Weaver was caught swimming among the sharks at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto; Photo: Twitter

Footage of the feat has been circulating on the web. In one video, the man is seen from one of the installation’s underwater tunnels, where numerous sharks are swimming right below his feet.

In a another video, the man is seen swimming around the tank in front of a riant crowd. At one juncture, the man ascents onto a ledge before flapping backwards back into the water. Security ultimately escorts him away from the onlookers.

shark tank
“Oh you silly Great White, get out of here.”; Photo: Senor Gif

Toronto police said Monday that they identified David Weaver, 37, of Nelson, B.C., as the culprit. He is presently wanted in a mischief investigation.

The cops say the same suspect is too wanted in connection with another incident that took place earlier that night. About two hours prior to his arrival at Ripley’s Aquarium, the suspect was asked to exit the Medieval Times dinner theater for allegedly being disorderly. He was seen out by security and then reportedly assaulted someone outside.

Weaver left the aquarium at around 10:26 p.m. ferrying his jacket and shoes when he heard police were notified, Peter Doyle, the general manager of Ripley’s Aquarium, expressed to local news. He stated the man left behind various items of clothing, too.

“We’ve never had this occur before,” said Doyle.

“This was incredibly dangerous. He jumped into an exhibit with live animals. Whether it’s a dog or a shark you don’t know how an animal will behave when spooked.

It was incredibly ignorant. The welfare of our animals is paramount. This was a premeditated intentional act.”


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