Rich Man Plans To Buy Old Cruise Ship… And Turn It Into A Homeless Shelter

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It’s not often you get to hear stories from the wealthy elite about them helping out the poor… Well, maybe you do, some politicians and celebrities do it all the time, however, they mostly do charities and not urban or economic problems. Which is why it truly is something special when an entrepreneur decides to help the homeless people of America by providing them a homeless shelter made out of a cruise ship.

The accommodations are certainly cruise-quality for the homeless people of Portland, Maine. All thanks to an entrepreneur named Ken Capron. Ken has big plans for an old and retired cruise ship, he wants to turn it into a homeless shelter. It will then be docked at a large harbor in Portland, ready to accommodate homeless people.

What makes the plan so appealing both to the homeless people and the city officials is that it will not occupy any land area. That means a lot of savings for the limited city space. To make things a lot better for multiple sectors of Portland, Ken’s homeless shelter actually solves the problem of affordable housing.

“We’re looking at four populations: the homeless population, the low-income population, the workforce population and immigrant population who all need housing. They all need job skills training. We would offer that on board,” said Ken. Meanwhile, the ship will be repurposed to have 100 housing units per deck, of which it has five decks in total.

Ken is still proposing his plans to the mayor of Portland but he also seems interested in the idea since it does pose a solution to so many city problems.

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