Obama Dislikes Pokemon; Breaks The Internet’s Heart After Urging People To Vote

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Barack Obama’s stint as president of the U.S. may have ended years ago, but that does not mean he is done with Americans. In a stunning and fell swoop of a video he did to convince people in the U.S. to vote, he also broke the internet’s heart when he said that he does not care about Pokemon. Dark are the days we live in, truly.

It was quite sad, as we’re pretty sure that a lot of Pokemon fans would have chosen him *wink* *wink.* However, what’s done is done and former President Barack Obama seems to imply that Americans have more pressing matters to attend to, such as voting for the midterm elections which will decide what party gets to control of Congress or the legislative branch. Here’s Obama breaking your heart, Pikachu:

While it does seem rather harsh, especially to Pokemon fans, Obama’s point in one of the worst excuses people have made not to vote is pretty spot-on. Not caring about politics at all is quite counter-productive since being neutral at a time like this only serves to further the worsening status quo, courtesy of the current administration.

Still, while Pokemon fans may have been convinced to vote, they might do so in tears. As usual, the internet lamented in unison, with some of them even saying that Obama actually liking Pokemon is a better motivator that cold, hard logic.

But of course, he would be lying if he said he liked Pokemon just to get you to vote, which is probably not his style of convincing you?

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