A Group Of Elderly Women Had A Sassy Surprise Guest For Dinner

elderly women

Residents at Milton Lodge Care Home, in Essex, had been nagging the managers to allot their one ‘cheeky’ wish — to have their dinner served by a group of skimpily garbed beefcakes.

elderly women
Photo: SWNS; Milton Lodge ladies getting their ‘peak on’

Well … things got a bit hot under the collar for the gang of elderly women when ultimately they were visited by several unclad hunks.

The lodge presented to them ‘Butlers in the Buff’, who treated the aged ladies to dinner and a show when they served the cougars a ‘slap up’ three-course meal.

“I was going to make a ‘meat and two veg’ joke here but I restrained myself,” said one lodge resident.

elderly women
Check out the lady 2nd from the right … straight savagery!; Photo: Pinterest

Though it was not just the ruttish residents who got in on the action; 23 guests packed in for an underhanded peak, however only 11 were from the home! Pretty clever, ladies.

Milton Lodge activities co-coordinator, Claire Martin, said 89-year-old man-muncher Joan Corp was the ring-leader and demonstrated that you are never too old to have a lil’ of fun.

“Whenever you ask Joan what she wants that day she always says ‘a man,'” said Martin. “So we weren’t surprised when she wanted it to be her wish. We had a chat here and everyone was really keen to support it. We had a look online and found a company called Hunks in Trunks. When they turned up we had to let them know what we wanted them to do. They had a 3-course meal with a roast dinner. The ladies’ daughters and granddaughters came.”

elderly women
Joan Corp, in honk heaven; Photo: Facebook


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