One-Winged Bee Gives Sincerest High Five To Woman Who Saved Her

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22-year-old Ashlie Lennox was in her backyard in Kelowna, when she noticed a bitty creature lying motionless on the concrete deck of her pool.

Lennox knelt down to gather a better look, and spotted a fuzzy yellow and black bee who was missing a wing.

high five
Beetrice the bumblebee and Ashlie Lennox; Photo: Twitter

“I thought she was dead at first, as she wasn’t really moving,” Lennox told local press. “I brought her some sugar water, [but] she was having none of it. I was very afraid and intimidated by her at this time.”

Though in order for her to get the injured bug to safety, Lennox faced her fear, utilizing a spoon to lay the bee in a flowerpot.

The next day, she circled back to check on the hurt bee only to discover the plant empty. But the Steelers colored bee hadn’t moved too far on her own — she’d only crawled back to the pool deck.

high five
This bee is actually slapping a high five — like how cool is that!; Photo: Cheezburger

This time, Lennox didn’t take any risks. “I yet again picked her up and I put her in a big Tupperware bin filled with dirt, some leaves, grass and a few little flowers,” she stressed.

It took a little time, yet Lennox and the bee, whom she dubbed ‘Beetrice’, began to form an offbeat bond.

“[It] took us a few days to get used to each other and for me to actually hold her,” Lennox added. “I think I was able to touch her after two days of having her, then day three she crawled on me, which melted my heart!”

high five
Now, what’cha ya’ll wanna do? Wanna BEE ballers, shotcallers, brawlers; Photo: Facebook

“I honestly feel like they can sense how you’re feeling,” Lennox furthered. “She knew I was scared, so she was scared. And when I finally felt confident, so did she.”

To make her feel more snug, Lennox started modernizing Beetrice’s home — first moving her into a micro reptile tank, then a large plastic tub full of all of Beetrice’s beloved items.

“To keep her well-fed, I’d sometimes pick flowers and put it in her little home, but mostly I’d let her crawl on me,” said Lennox. “I let her get her exercise by crawling all over me too. She loved to do that. She has a huge heart and she’s a silly little thing!”


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