Ya’ See Square Waves In The Ocean — Get The H*** Out Of The Water!

square waves

We adore the reposeful sounds of mellow waves hitting the shoreline, but did you know there’s a natural phenomenon known as square waves?

square waves
You may have never seen or even heard of waves like this, but they do subsist, and they’re fraught with danger; Photo: TrendTwitter

Yes, these waves are dubbed a “cross sea,” which shapes when waves collide from various angles and form squares in the ocean.

The images of square waves are almost, mystical … feeling like these waves are influenced from a science fiction tale, in which the opus’ of the world are about to crumple.

On the surface, the waves do not appear the least bit scary. In regions where “cross seas” are the norm, however, residents would plead to differ.

square waves
Insidious, yet, so breath-taking; Photo: Imgur

It looks harmless in retrospect, yet underwater, there are potent currents that are capable of capsizing and tossing large ships up into the air!

Reason being boats are made to strike currents head on, but if waves are coming from all sorts of angles, there is no escape. When waves from one weather arrangement continue to proceed in the same direction, even though there has been a switch in wind, it causes waves formed by the new wind to race at an angle, creating a hazardous pattern.

Cross seas too produce exceedingly dangerous riptides, so make certain you are not anywhere near the water when this natural phenomena occurs.


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