Time-Traveller Claiming to Have Visited the Year 8973 Passes Lie Detector Test

Time-Traveller Claiming to Have Visited the Year 8973 Passes Lie Detector Test

A man claiming to be a time-traveller says he visited the year 8973 in a secretive project for the British Government.

William Taylor says he met telepathic human-robot hybrids during his six hour trip to the future, which he describes as a utopia. Apparently, there is no crime or conflict and “cures to every problem.”

He says the cyborg-like citizens are descendants of humans, but have “abnormally large heads and eyes” and “small mouths.” They are also immortal, and communicate via telepathy. However, Taylor says they spoke to him in English, and didn’t seem too surprised to see him, suggesting time travel is fairly common in their world.

Despite how far-fetched this all sounds, Taylor passed a lie detector test conducted by Apex TV.

He said: “Everyone spoke in fluent English.

“They all had implanted in them a chip which instantly brain scans and translates words into whatever language was most comfortable for them.”

And this isn’t the only time Taylor claims to have travelled to the future during his work with the British Intelligence Agency, he also says he’s visited the year 3000. However, he enjoyed this trip a lot less.

“I didn’t want to be there too long” he explained.

“The sky was completely red, pollution was everywhere, and I didn’t see a single person during the trip. I realised there was quite a bit of radiation in the air, so I had to exit quite abruptly.”

Despite the clandestine nature of the missions, Taylor says he has a moral responsibility to tell the world about time travel, which he claims has existed since the 1980s. He took his trips through time during the 2000s, at which point he says scientists had suceeded in sending people to a specific year.

Whether you believe him or not, Taylor says we won’t have to wait long to try time travel out for ourselves, as says there are plans to make it available to all from 2028.

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