Well Mannered Shar Pei Wakes Its Owner In The Sweetest Possible Way

shar pei

Wouldn’t it be nice to be awakened like this every morning by your dog, hell even your significant other?

shar pei
Ava the Shar Pei wakening her master, ever so tenderly; Photo: Dog Fancast

Any dog buff would be in paradise with this pooch beside them in the morning.

Ava the Shar Pei gets her owner’s attention in the morning so preciously that it’s almost unbelievable.

What a way to rise daily! Right off of the bat get your day started like this, and most likely the ensuing hours will flow like a cinnamon graham cracker raft on a milk n’ honey river (with milk chocolate paddles, of course).

shar pei
Wouldn’t it be awesome if drill sergeants woke you up like this in boot?; Photo: Zapjeed

Watch below as Ava courteously taps on her owner’s forearm to get her up and awake.

After no reaction, she does it again, ever so thinly, and patiently waits until her master is up and ready to take on the day.

With empathy like this, it’s really no wonder dogs dominate the web with their videos, as they are just so gosh darn cute! They indubitably are man’s best friend.

Has your pup ever done something like this to you before?

Have you ever witnessed something like this before? We haven’t!

Kindly share this video with your friends and family as it will certainly make them smile practically as much as it made you! Well, hopefully.


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