Child Miraculously Gets Up Unhurt After Being Run Over By Car [Video]


A child has had a propitious escape after he was run over by a car.

The moment you see the car rundown the boy; Photo: WWE

CCTV footage in India captures the horrific moment the car pulls out and rolls over the boy as he ties his laces in front of the vehicle.

The child was playing soccer in the streets with pals when the incident took place in Goregaon in Mumbai, on 27 September.

The automobile can be seen gradually reversing out of its parking spot as the children play behind, however the driver appears not to have detected the crouching child to the front of the car. The vehicle then pulls away and strikes the boy who tries to scrabble himself away momentarily, before the sedan drives over the top of him and out of shot.

Video: Child survives with minor injuries after being run over; woman detained; Photo: The Indian Express

As the child disappears under the car, it is difficult not to fear the worst for him, but freakishly, the child promptly gets back to his feet and rejoins his buddies, ostensibly unscathed.

That said, the video (seen below) stops with the kid still running, so there is a chance he sprinted all the way home in tears, rather than jumping straight back into the game. Whatever the case maybe, it was an exceedingly lucky escape for the boy, who presumptively barely avoided all of the wheels and the grievous damage they could have inflicted.

However, reportedly Shraddha Chandrakar, 44, was arrested for rash and negligent driving and was later posted bail.

Inspector Xavier Rego, of Dindoshi Police Station, stated the family were only confident they should make a complaint after the video went viral.

He noted: “The boy sustained minor injuries… but the family did not want to file a complaint initially. However, when the video went viral, the family was convinced to give a statement.” Based off this averment, Chandrakar was apparently arrested. Inspector Rego furthered: “Since it was a bailable offence, she was released on bail immediately.”


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