Blind Dog Gets Own Personal Service Dog As Guide

blind dog
Photo by Pet Rescue Report

We are all aware of service dogs, right? They are good boys who dedicate their lives in helping humans who cannot walk on their own, most often blind people and senior citizens. However, that isn’t to say that service dogs are supposed to be mutually exclusive to human beings. In fact, one service dog has been spotted helping a blind dog, the result? More “awws” than the internet could ever muster.

blind dog
Photo by The Labrador Site

A blind Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Kimchi from Quezon City, Philippines probably does not need eyes to see how loved he is. You see, Kimchi found the best friend ever in another dog named Ginger, a Golden Retriever who also belonged to the family that adopted Kimchi. Ever since the blind Kimchi was welcomed by the family, Ginger has taken it upon herself to be Kimchi’s guide dog.

However, this was not actually planned. Ginger was even initially picky of his dog companions and was not intended to be a service dog. Eric and Thea, who own both dogs simply tied Kimchi to Ginger’s collar one day to prevent the blind dog from wandering off. To their surprise, Ginger started guiding Kimchi in the right direction and with care, often waiting for the blind dog and walking slowly.

What makes their bond so special is that service dogs usually are made to guide human beings only. Meaning a service dog who guides another blind dog is truly a special sight to behold. Now, both Kimchi and Ginger are regular visitors to hospitals and other stressed people to provide emotional support for those who need it.

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