A Glossary Made Up Of Words Deriving From Trump’s Name

Words Inspired by Trump
If you find yourself scrolling through hilarious new words and definitions on UrbanDictionary.com, then you’ll love these Trump inspired expressions. You can fill a whole book with the definitions that Trump supporters and the anti-Trump crew have come up with these last few years. Here’s an entire glossary made up of words deriving from Trump’s name.


Words Inspired by Trump

  1. The action in which a man sexually assaults a woman, blames it on a Mexican immigrant, and prevents her from having an abortion if the assault results in a pregnancy.
  2. A coward’s response to rape allegations.

“Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh continues to deny that he TRUMPED Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and probably dozens of other unlucky girls back in high school.”


Words Inspired by Trump

  1. To dispute the fact that you said something in the past even though there’s proof on record that you said it numerous times.
  2. To suddenly change your views on an issue when it affects you personally.

“Politicians be TRUMPING us so hard come election season.”


Words Inspired by Trump

  1. When a person doesn’t get their way, so they take to Twitter to lie about it.
  2. When a public figure takes to Twitter to lie to the public about something that happened in order to save face.

“The president had a TRUMPERTANTRUM when he learned that neither Mexico nor the United States would be paying for a wall on the border.”


Words Inspired by Trump

  1. A speech impediment that forces a person to blame everyone and everything else when in the presence of someone criticizing the president.
  2. A disorder that only seems to affect Trump supporters.

“I realized my friend suffers from TRUMPISM after I pointed out the dozens of women who have accused Trump of sexual assault and he called them all liars.”


Words Inspired by Trump

  1. To resemble Donald Trump either physically or intellectually.
  2. To have a similar personality or style to Donald Trump.

“My boss walked in with a TRUMPY haircut this morning, and I just can’t stop laughing!”


Words Inspired by Trump

  1. A jack-o-lantern carved to resemble Donald Trump.
  2. An adorable nickname for Trump supporters.
  3. The title of a sex act that requires at least three people, one being a Russian hooker, a lot of lubricant, and a full bladder.

“TRUMPKINS getting ready for Halloween by carving a bunch of TRUMPKINS that will likely be smashed before the night is over.”


Words Inspired by Trump

  1. That nauseating feeling you get when you see Donald Trump.
  2. The sick feeling you get when you hear Donald Trump speak.

“The TRUMPHILLIA kicked in the moment I turned on the television and heard Donald Trump talking about our country’s immigration policies.”


Words Inspired by Trump

  1. The use of lies, deflection, namecalling, intimidation, blackmail, smear campaigns, blameshifting, shaming and much more in order to protect oneself from prosecution.
  2. A technique many politicians use to avoid being imprisoned for being a criminal or traitor.
  3. When someone uses lies to convince people that they’re not an idiot or psychopath.

“All of the TRUMPERY going on these days in the White House is going to be the downfall of democracy, and ultimately the United States.”

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