Woman Tries To Buy Baby Online For $10,000; Gets Arrested

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There are a-million-and-one ways to spend a lot of money, especially if it’s as much as $10,000. Buy some solar panels, a used car, home upgrades, even an extravagant party enough to impress your friends. But no, one woman just had to spend it all on purchasing human life– a baby nonetheless.

Well, maybe she was lonely, but still. A 43-year woman from Anhui province, China probably just wanted a baby of her own. The woman was left unnamed but probably does not have any children despite being middle-aged. So she went to the place where anything can be sold and bought, the internet. She even paid 70,000 yuan ($10,200) to the administrator of an online group as “adoption fee” for a four-month-old baby.

It turns out, there was indeed an online group in China which cater to these types of adults. Apparently, the said group wanted to help people “realize their dreams” of being parents by setting them up as parents of “abandoned” babies. There is probably no proof of just how “abandoned” these babies are since the Chinese black market is rife with stolen babies, with about 70,000 of them being kidnapped and sold every year.

As such, the woman and the seller got arrested because what they did was illegal. As for why the woman did not just seek out the official state means for adopting orphans from legal child services, well, apparently she did not know that child selling was illegal. According to the police, the mother of the said sold baby was also poor and wanted her child to find a more economically stable parent. However, the mother also did not know that the mediator between her and the would-be foster profiteered from the baby.

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