New Superhero Alert: ‘Captain Walmart’ Serves & Protects Store [Video]


Isaiah Owens, a four-year staffer of Walmart, donned a cape as part of a back-to-school season promotion a year ago and never took it off.

Look up in the sky … it’s a bird … it’s a plane … no, it’s Captain Walmart!; Photo: Tumblr

He’s the caped crusader assisting cashiers, rescuing carts and swooping up fallen toys in a single bound.

Owens is Captain Walmart: a title most might dread but that he embodies.

Streaming from the back of his yellow vest is a yellow-and-blue cape with the sunburst logo the retail corporation refers to as “the spark.”

This is not a prank or a Halloween costume for 28-year-old Owens, who since 2014 has worked at the Everett Walmart Supercenter — it’s his alter ego.

It all began a year ago. Nationwide, customer service workers were forced to sport the special capes in a store promotion that some person in an office somewhere came up with as a way to tickle shoppers in the feverish back-to-school season.

“Not everyone was really thrilled,” Owens expressed. “Some people thought they looked silly. I actually really liked it. It was getting a chance to be a kid again. I put it on and I couldn’t take it off.”

And he hasn’t. Owens has draped the cape every day at work since. “I safety-pinned it to my vest.”

Captain Walmart shimmying outside store; Photo: Facebook

Owens owns only one cape. It is thinning and fraying. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do when he wears it out.

Don’t fret. Corporate intends to keep him caped.

“I always wanted to be a superhero,” spoke Owens, who read a lot of comics as a child.

“My whole job is to walk around the store, mainly the front end, and make sure everybody is finding what they need, getting the right prices,” he continued. “I do my best to make sure everyone is in a good mood, whether it’s just talking to them in a calm tone or being extra goofy. I like to walk around the store and sing.”


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