‘Hitler’ Is Back And Is Running For Mayor In Peru Against ‘Lennin’

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The second world war was the darkest period in human history, all due to one emo named Adolf Hitler. Because of him, millions of innocent people died, oh, and anyone who shares the same surname as him will probably be ashamed from the moment they were born. However, one man named Hitler in Peru does not let his name bother him, as he is now up for a mayoral election.

In a town called Yungar in Andes, Peru, the fate of the people hangs in the balance. As two mayoral candidates battle for the future of their town, one is named Hitler Alba Sanchez and the other is named Lennin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverde. Hell of an election, so far no casualties yet though.

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Now, as with any election, there are campaigns and election posters and jingles to be done, lots of them, enough to embed the names of the candidates into the dreams (or nightmares) of the people each night– not that they would have trouble remembering Hitler and Lenin though. Still, Hitler Sanchez did not shy away from posters and slogans like “Hitler returns” and “Hitler with the people.”

Photo by Mirror

Despite his name, Hitler Sanchez does not share the same ideals as the one and only dictator. Sanchez event said in a public radio interview that he rejects Nazism and claims that he is “the good Hitler.” Sanchez was just unfortunate enough to have a father who had no idea who Hitler was and just thought that it was a unique name.

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Thing is, it is customary in Peru that parents choose an exotic name for their children. There were no rules against them notorious, however. Last year, a football team member was even named Osama Vinladen. One thing is for certain, some Peruvians will have a hard time visiting the U.S. or Europe.

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