Rat Pulls Fire Alarm, Evacuates Entire D.C. Condo Building [Video]


Surveillance footage of a rat that pulled a fire alarm in a Washington, D.C. condo building has gone viral.

This rat wanted everyone out of the building, literally; Footage: Heavy

The video, shows the large-sized rat ascending up a bar and then leaping onto the fire alarm on the wall and utilizing its weight to pull the lever down prior to falling to the ground.

The incident triggered residents of the building to exit their apartments even though no fire was present, according to local reports.

The video has been viewed more than 25,000 times on the TV station’s Facebook page and received more than 15,000 likes on Twitter.

Don’t be surprised you see this little guy outside your door on Trick or Treat night; Photo: Tenor

Rats (as you can see) are said to be very intelligent, actually. According to studies, rat brains are similar in function and structure to the human brain.

For years, some folks assumed rats were blind. Though, Harvard researchers have proven that their processing and vision and abilities are sophisticated enough for them to recognize 3-D objects despite alterations in orientation or size. They can even tell when a motion picture (e.g. movie) features rats.

Scientists have too exploited rats in psychology experiments for more than 100 years, due in part to the analogous structure of their brains to the human brain and their decision-making skills. Accordant to researchers, rats are able to locate a good pattern and stick to it, and they’re less inclined to second-guess themselves than humans.


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