Father Loathes Son-In-Law, Chops Off Daughter’s Arm [Video]


An Indian father was so infuriated by his 20-year-old daughter’s marriage to her lower-caste boyfriend that he cut off her arm with a kitchen chopper in broad day light.

Manohar Chari in custody and on camera; Photo: Twitter

Commanding father Manohar Chari, 42, enticed the newlyweds to attend the Gokul Theatre, a cinema in the active Erragadda district of Hyderabad, on the pretext that he wanted to celebrate the couples’ recent marriage.

This was to be their first meeting since the couple eloped on 12th September in a reformist Hindu ceremony, prior to informing the Chari family of their relationship. When the pair showed up outside the cinema at 3:30pm Wednesday, Madhavi’s dad began hacking at the couple with a large machete-style chopper (seen in below video).

Sandeep receiving treatment for his face gash; Photo: Daily Hunt

He first ambushed his son-in-law, however when Sandeep fell wounded to the ground, Mr. Chari turned his attention to his daughter. He fiercely slashed at her forearms and neck with the blade, leaving her left forearm dangling by a narrow strip of flesh.

A security guard tried to intervene, but Mr. Chari continued his assault until a crowd formed and were able to drive the frenetic Mr. Chari from the scene. Onlookers transported the badly-wounded couple to a local hospital, where the son-in-law was treated for lacerations to the face and neck.


Madhavi was airlifted to another hospital, where she underwent a ten-hour surgery, as doctors urgently attempted to fix her severed forearm.

“The girl was bleeding profusely and in a state of shock when she was brought in. Her blood pressure was very low around 60 to 70. She’s sustained several deep cuts to her neck. Several nerves supplying the head and neck region were also cut. She was bleeding a lot and we didn’t have much time. We did a simple CT scan and then took her up for an emergency surgery with a team of several doctors. As she was bleeding profusely, we had to control it as our first priority. Once that was achieved, we were able to attempt to focus on the other issues. Her arm was nearly completely amputated when she was brought in. We fixed the bone and repaired the nerve and artery, which were cut. We are hopeful that we will save her and that she will be able to use her hands for normal duties. 5 units of blood have been given, and her haemoglobin seems to be improving slowly. However, she is still critical and remains on ventilator,” explained one of the doctors.


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