Why Football Man Won’t Stand Up: A Tale in Memes

It’s hard to know how many of these memes were made in earnest. Are they sarcastic deep-trolling operators, or do people sincerely feel this way? There’s no way to tell from the memes themselves. We’ll have to take them at face value since that’s the way the majority of viewers will interpret the memes.

The national origin of these memes might also be in question. Sure, you might automatically assume that only Americans could be worked up by an issue so stupid. But don’t forget that Russian hackers are constantly on the prowl on social media, trying to astroturf and enflame outrage. Some or all of these memes might be made with that intent, but again, there’s no way to know. We can only interpret the memes as they present themselves.

But let’s make fun of them anyway.

Liberal Backlash

Love a good strawman, as always.

How people believe Trump doesn’t support white nationalists is somewhat beyond me.

Cherry picking? Sure, but it does seem pretty stupid to be bent out of shape over some dude you don’t know having feelings about your country that you don’t like.

I bet if you polled US active-duty military personnel, they would rank “kneeling during the national anthem” at the absolute bottom of their list of concerns. They’ve got IEDs, sweaty marches, mind-numbing boredom, and maddening bureaucracy to deal with. The soldiers I know would be more upset if the base vending machine was out of Monsters.

Please take a ticket and wait your turn, sir.

Yeah don’t it tho.

Check out my museum of hashtag injustice! Do they know that using hashtags in an image is both pointless and annoying?

I hate this condescending meme so much. It’s the template that made me unsub from r/AdviceAnimals. That and the condescending advice mallard meme. I agree with the premise, but it’s expressed in the most irritating way possible.


The meme that started it all, fellas.

This kid is like twelve, no way he can vote for anyone.

When you’ve got literally nothing else to write a song about.

“How many layers of irony are you on right now bro.” “I don’t know, like five or six?” “You are like little babby, watch this.”

Yah no I think people were pretty pissed about that first one though.

But White Football Man Kneel Is Bad???

Yeah, remember all that national disgust that happened with Tim Tebow kneeled? Riots in the streets, man!

People are allowed one opinion per physical action, and no more! If you think shooting a murder is good but shooting a pregnant mother is bad, you’re a hypocrite!

I’m not even completly sure I get this one.

It starts with con and ends with text!

Let’s get some Jesus in the mix, that always helps with race-baiting political fights.

Agreed, we should always start arbitrary recreational activities with mandatory hero worship for soldiers that died in wars very few people wanted.

This meme is used so incorrectly I can’t even understand why they chose this image. Do they think the Most Interesting Man in the World is a Republican because he has a salt-and-pepper beard?

Man, that kid is a prick.

The NFL is not a senator. The NFL does not care if you call them.

That’s what freedom of speech is all about, after all!

I thought the big problem was that NFL players didn’t get in trouble for beating their wives?

Love a good straw-man once in a while.

This smells kind of like those “Facebook does not own my images” kind of posts. It’s also just a minefield of poor grammar and non-sensical capitalization, but I’ve become so used to that from the president it barely registers.

Yeah, a social safety net really takes the joy out of life. The only true fun in life is making fun of minorities, being white, and being bankrupted by necessary medical treatments.

The Unknown Memer

I can’t really sort out what’s going on with all of these. Like, some of them seem like they were supposed to be insulting. Okay, sure. But then you’ve got “These colors don’t run, they kneel.” Surely the flag kneeling is a sign of deference to a foreign power? That doesn’t sound very Republican to me!

Poor Fergie can’t catch a break.

Ben Garrison is always frothing at the mouth about something, but it doesn’t always make sense.

… that’s great, man.

Sack or pick? Is this a dick joke? Or a football joke that’s so far over my head it’s at cruising altitude?

Alex Fox


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