Turn Up! Company Reveals Champagne Designed For Drinking In Space


A French distillery took a zero-gravity flight to test out its youngest product — a Champagne-style beverage crafted to specifically be enjoyed in space.

Mumm stated the sparkling champagne, anointed Cordon Stellar, is configured to be enjoyed in zero gravity and the company anticipates it to make it into shuttles within the next 5 years.

The company took a group of journalists and astronauts for a test flight in the European Space Agency’s hollowed-out Airbus A310, known commonly as the “vomit comet” for grounds connected to its zero-gravity simulation utilizing parabolic arcs.

Cordon Stellar’s high-tech bottle keeps champagne in the upper portion of the container and administers it as small amounts of foam, which imbibers then use glasses to scoop out of the air and drink.

Jack Fischer, astronaut, demonstrates why coffee is so much fun to ‘eat’ aboard; Photo: The Verge

“They won’t have to be performing any professional tasks on board, so they’ll probably be able to drink a bit of alcohol,” astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy explained, who heads the establishment which functions the Airbus Zero-G, ahead on the flight.

The high-tech bottle, formed by the French designer Octave de Gaulle, was not formulated with professional astronauts in mind, as drinking alcohol is prohibited for those carrying out duties on the International Space Station (ISS), for example.

Nonetheless, it is understood that the possibility of civilian space travel promoted by private operators such as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos‘s Blue Origin spacecraft and Virgin Galactic could ultimately provide a market for the product.


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