Got $70,000 To Spare? You Could Have A Photo With Donald Trump


Who wouldn’t want to take a picture with United States President Donald Trump?

Well, guests at a fundraising dinner Wednesday evening were offered the opportunity to have their photo taken with Trump, priced at $70,000 per couple.

Would you take a picture with this guy?; Photo: Gifbin

The ‘Dinner with Donald J. Trump’ was staged to raise capital ahead of the 2020 presidential election campaign.

Josh Dawsey, Washington Post‘s White House reporter, shared an image of the dinner invite via Twitter. The Republican National Committee stated around 175 people were slated to attend the event at Trump’s Washington DC hotel, with the goal of raising more than $3 million.

The invite divulges that a seat at the round-table cost $100,000 per ticket, with dinner fixed at $35,000 per couple, and a picture option and preferred dinner seating totaling $70,000 per couple.

Trump Pence for Victory; Photo: Twitter

One person expressed: “$70,000 for a picture, I would rather buy a piece of land with no wi-fi so I can’t see what he is up to.”

Another inquired: “WTF are they smoking?!”

To which another user retorted: “The Trump Hotel.. Burnt steak with ketchup or taco bowls, served!”

Others queried the timing of the dinner, with Hurricane Florence impending and expected to decimate parts of the east coast with prolonged and potent winds.

Trump for 3 … it’s good!; Photo: Giphy

One person remarked: “Nothing more presidential & classy than having a big-ticket fundraiser at your own hotel, in the midst of a massive hurricane.”

Another acquiesced, saying: “Those in the path of Hurricane Florence would love to attend but are otherwise engaged.”


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