Craziest Laws In All 50 States That Still Exist Today

Craziest Laws

Our country certainly has some ridiculous laws, but have you ever wonder what the absurd law is in your state? This list consists of the craziest laws we could find, and when you consider that someone must have done these things in order for the law to have been made in the first place, you won’t be able to stifle your laughter!  


In Alabama, it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache to church as it might cause laughter.


Alaska forbids people from being drunk in a bar, so you can have a few drinks, but once you’re intoxicated, you have to leave. It’s also illegal to wake up a sleeping bear for a photo, in case you have the opportunity.


It’s illegal in Arizona for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub. Donkey owners will just have to build a stable or a barn in their yard for their pet and leave the tub for the two-legged creatures.

Craziest Laws


If you’re heavy on the car horn, it might be best to avoid Arkansas. It’s illegal to honk your horn after 9 pm near any establishment that serves cold drinks or sandwiches.


Frog-hopping contests are supposedly a thing on the west coast, and they’re perfectly legal. If any of them die during the contest, however, it is illegal to eat them.


You can’t keep your couch on your porch in Colorado. Apparently, some college kids were burning couches on porches so now the two things must be separate.


A pickle in Connecticut is only considered a pickle if it bounces. If it does not, then it’s still a cucumber. This law was written after some guys sold pickles that were still in the cucumber phase, obviously cause a ruckus.

Craziest Laws


Deleware residents are forbidden from selling, trading, or offering cat or dog fur. Not even the hairs stuck in their couch or collected by a vacuum. The punishment is a $2,500 fine and being banned from owning a furry pet for up to 15 years.


Midget-tossing is banned from anywhere alcohol is sold, including bars and restaurants. Once a popular game where people would throw little people at velcro covered targets and try to get them to stick became illegal after too many injuries occurred.


If you’re into #boatlife, you might have considered taking time off and living on your boat. In Georgia, this is actually illegal after 30 days, so hopefully, your boat has the ability to float down to Florida.


It’s illegal to drink on the beach in Hawaii, which has likely put a damper on quite a few honeymoons. You can’t drink in the ocean either, that’s also considered the beach.

Craziest Laws


A box of chocolates weighing over 50 pounds is illegal in Idaho, which isn’t likely to interfere with anyone’s valentines day plans.


If you’re in a culinary program in Illinois, it’s legal for you to drink alcohol regardless of your age. It may be more of a taste and spit kind of drinking, but after it’s purchased, no one needs to know exactly what you’re doing with it.


If you go fishing in Indiana, know that it’s illegal to use a gun to kill your meal or use your hands to catch them. You’ll have to go about it the old fashion way with a fishing pole and a worm on your hook.


In Iowa, imitation butter products cannot be advertised as “creamy” or “dairy” and must be labeled clearly as “oleomargarine.” Also, if you come across a one-armed piano player, he has to perform for free.

Craziest Laws


Swimming in public fountains is strictly prohibited in Kansas, even on their hottest days. This includes wading, showering, and splashing around.


If you’re a woman living in Kentucky, you can not legally marry more than three times. Of course, men can marry as many times as they’d like. Really Kentucky!?


You can’t send a friend or loved one a surprise in Louisiana if the surprise is considered a food or service. This means you can’t send a friend a cup of coffee on their birthday or a pizza to their front door. It’s actually considered harassment!


In Maine, you can’t keep your Christmas decorations up past January 14th. Any lazy homeowners will receive a fine.  

Craziest Laws


You might want to skip traveling to Maryland during the warmer months, as it’s illegal to wear sleeveless shirts. This law pertains to athletes, runners, and basically anyone in public.


The “Star Spangled Banner” cannot be sung halfway through or remixed so that it becomes a hit in the clubs.


In Michigan, it is illegal for any woman to get a haircut without her husband’s permission. Additionally, it’s not legal to sell your car or any other motor vehicle on Sundays as this is a day to rest and spend with family.


Any game where the objective is to chase after a greased pig and catch it is outlawed in Minnesota. You also can’t throw a turkey or chicken in the air and catch it, which is apparently another kind of game.

Craziest Laws


Disturbing a church service in Mississippi is grounds for citizens arrest.


In Missouri, no one can drive around with an uncaged bear in the passenger seat.


If you hop on stage and start a performance in Montana, you’re required to finish it. You can’t stop singing halfway through a song or quit dancing before the show is over.


Anyone with an STI in Nebraska can’t legally get married. That’s a lot considering 1 in 3 people have herpes.

Craziest Laws


You can’t buy more than three drinks at a time in Nevada, even if they’re not all for you.

New Hampshire

Don’t think about having a picnic at any of New Hampshire’s cemeteries. It would seem that they frown upon eating with the dead.

New Jersey

If you’re arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey, you lose your right to have vanity plates. Forever.

New Mexico

Those considered “idiots” cannot vote in elections. This includes those who are mentally challenged, anyone committed to a psych ward, and a person who has committed a felony.

Craziest Laws

New York

Tiger selfies are banned in New York, for your own safety as well as the safety of animals.

North Carolina

Bingo games can’t last more than 5 hours, and if you want to play more than 10 hours of bingo in one week, you’ll need to attend a special exhibition or convention.

North Dakota

In North Dakota, beer and pretzels can’t be served at the same time. You get one or the other.


If you commit a crime in Ohio, it’s best to do it on a Saturday night. Those who commit small crimes aren’t arrested until Monday, so you’ll have all of Sunday to make your getaway.

Craziest Laws


In Oklahoma, it’s illegal to wrestle a bear.


Urine and fecal matter cannot legally be left in a container on the side of the road or thrown out a car window.


In Pennsylvania, you can’t go fishing with your mouth.

Rhode Island

If you can prove that your spouse is insane or what the courts consider an idiot, your marriage becomes null and void. Cheaper than a divorce!

Craziest Laws

South Carolina

You must be at least 18 years old to play pinball in South Carolina. Apparently, these games aren’t suitable for kids.

South Dakota

South Dakota residents are forbidden from falling asleep in a cheese factory.


Don’t even think about sharing your Netflix account if you live in Tennessee. You won’t just be penalized by the streaming service!


Planning to run for office in Texas? Well, you need to acknowledge the “Supreme Being,” and if you refuse, you will be subjected to religious exams.

Craziest Laws


In a state of emergency, it’s illegal to buy or sell alcohol in Utah. So, it’s best to always have a supply on hand just in case.


Another sexist law on the books. Women can’t have fake teeth in Vermont without the permission of their husbands.


It’s illegal to tickle women in Virginia.


All lollipops in Washington are completely banned.

Craziest Laws

West Virginia

Using profanity or being drunk in public will award you a fine of exactly $1 in West Virginia as a sort of swear jar law.


Butter substitutes have been banned from Wisconsin, even in prisons.


You can’t cut or remove more than half of a sheep’s ear in Wyoming. Those who do will receive up to 5 years in jail.

Craziest Laws


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