Nails That Look Like, Feet? You Won’t Be Able To Unsee These [Video]


Remember the days of going to get your nails done and having to pick a color?

At one time, it was an uncomplicated matter of selecting pink or red or perhaps even going with a French manicure.

Now fast forward to 2018, it is all about atypical and perhaps even offbeat nail art. Some options can be intriguing, while others are downright creepy.

The newest trend: feet nails; Photo: Giphy

When it comes to dressing up nails, many manicurists have become artists and are eager to take things to the next level.

That is plainly seen in one of the latest trends to hit the manicure world: feet nails.

Sho’ ya right; somebody is sculpting acrylic fingernails so that they emulate feet.

This is undoubtedly an odd trend but when you see it in a video, you may just think that it is worth attempting! The video of feet nails (above) was recently shared on Instagram.

Manicures aren’t cheap, they cost shmoney (Cardi B voice); Photo: Giphy

If you were to tune in during the middle of the video and see those fingers marching across the table, it would probably fool you entirely.

The footage too includes a demonstration of how the nails are formed. This is more than merely slapping on some fingernail polish, it is artwork at it’s finest.

Even the toes at the end of the ‘feet’ are painted red and have their own pedicure. The manicurist simply inquires “yay or nay” and people emphatically do have an opinion.

One homeowner remarked: “Nay, what the heck are you thinking?”

But another echoed: “I love these nails! It’s nice to see something different from the plain nail art that’s out there!”


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