Peeved Taxi Driver Drags Man Out Of His Taxi For Littering [Video]


There’s plenty to get irritated about when it comes to the road — whether it’s a driver going too slow in the fast lane — a driver going too fast riding your bumper — someone blasting their tunes at an obnoxious level — or someone who doesn’t know how to stay in their own lane and periodically drifts into yours.

Sometimes, it’s best to just go around; Photo: Giphy

Utilizing two spaces with your vehicle in a jammed parking area because you refuse to park appropriately is up there, also, selfish parkers (you know who you are!) — as is failing to use that turn signal of yours, as you leave us to guess what your next move could potentially be.

Yes, the list could roll out a mile long.

Though for one Russian taxi driver, there’s something even smaller that really vexes him — when people litter.

In the video (seen above), the taxi passenger elected to lob an empty beer bottle out of the window and the driver slams on his brakes stopping the vehicle.

The driver then walks around the car, picks up the bottle, puts it back in the car and forcibly removes the passenger, tossing him to the floor.

He then expeditiously turns around and drives off from both the spooler of traffic and the man he’d been motoring.

The stranded commuter hobbles up and peers around in disbelief.

The former taxi passenger probably had to hitchhike the rest of the way; Photo: Giphy

Many people commented on the YouTube video applauding the taxi driver’s response, stating that the passenger ‘deserved it’.

One person wrote: “Lmao. I love it! I’d love it even more if I knew what the guy was saying!”

Another said: “That’s awesome!!! That taxi driver is a legend.”

Someone else added: “This is awesome hahahha deserved it.”

A fourth remarked: “It’s cool!! good job taxi driver!!”

Some even hypothesized that the passenger could have been intoxicated, with one saying: “I think he’d have been tossed for being a drunk arsehole and the bottle out the window was the last straw.”


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