This Little Girl Got So Stressed About Exams She Started Crying Blood

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We get it, school is a stressful place. Whether you’re hiding from the bullies, or worried about the seemingly never-ending spate of school shootings, for many kids, the school years are not an easy time.

Still, no matter how anxious school make most kids, they don’t start bleeding out of their eyeballs. But that’s what happened to a student in Vietnam.

The unnamed 11-year-old was so stressed about her upcoming exams, she began to sweat blood. Doctors at the Quy Hoa National Leprosy Dermatology Hospital initially believed the girl had a skin condition, before realising she was suffering from hematidrosis.

According to hospital director Vu Tuan Anh, the bizarre condition only effects one in 10 million people.

He said: “It is characterised by blood oozing from skin. The bleeding is due to the rupture of the very small blood vessels of the skin.

This Little Girl Got So Stressed About Exams She Started Crying Blood
Source: Pen News

“The cause of hematidrosis is not well known, but factors include increased vascular pressure, inflammation of the vessels of the skin, bleeding disorders, menstruation and high blood pressure.

“Fear and intense emotional stress could also play a role in the cause of the disease, and symptoms may occur spontaneously or after emotional stress.”

While revising for her exams a few months ago, the girl was sweating blood three or four times a day. Dr Anh says that although hematidrosis is difficult to treat, they will focus on controlling symptoms by taking care of her anxiety.

He continued: “Treatment is a challenge. We may use vitamin C, antidepressants and propranolol but results are undefined.

“Hematidrosis does not affect lifespan but can cause discomfort and fear. It can also cause stigma in social situations and so reduce quality of life.”

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