Turns Out That Even Republicans Like Healthcare, ACA

You might think that health care is for lameo losers like Democrats and the elderly, but it turns out that even hale and hearty Republicans like the idea of not dropping dead from preventable illnesses! At least, it certainly seems that way.

Keep your black president out of my healthcare

Our nation has undergone an abrupt about-face when it comes to public opinion on the matter of healthcare legislation. Sure, folks might hate Obamacare. But they love the Affordable Care Act, blissfully ignorant that they are one in the same. Yes, associating healthcare with a black made immediately makes it a Bad Thing. This should come as no surprise.

And really, is it any surprise that people like having healthcare? Our healthcare system might be comically broken and hilariously expensive, sure. But getting treated for cancer instead of dying slowly and painful is certainly a significant upgrade! And careful screening and prophylactic treatment for common causes of death sure are nice, what with all the heart attacks and breast cancer you’re not having.

Isn’t dying kind of bad?

So what’s will all the agita about healthcare reform? Well, first, Republicans tend to shelter the notion that they are rugged individuals, strong enough to make it in the outback without the government. Except for social security. And the roads. And public education. And utilities. And building codes. And workplace injury regulations.

Because Republicans use no government services (read: they use just as much as everyone else), they feel that offering health care to the masses for affordable rates will just pansify all the kids these days. If people can’t work hard enough to afford insanely expensive treatment for whatever illness they’ve been cursed with, then they should just drop dead! Literally! Who cares if it’s your illness preventing you from working: it’s better off for society if you just die. Right, that’s your lot, shuffle off this mortal coil now, you’re holding up the queue.

Since everyone alive survived with the current health care system in place, it gives the impression that the system is effective. Of course, anyone that might care to dispute that fact is, you know, deceased, so it tends to bias the results a tad. But major stories about health crises bankrupting families is basically what drives GoFundMe, so it’s impossible that people are unaware of how incredibly and inherently flawed the combination of capitalism and healthcare is. Rather, they either feel it should be this way or just assume that it’s not really that bad because it’s not happening to them.

That is, until he does happen to them! Then we’ll find them with the rest of us lot, shocked at the unfairness of it all and glaring jealously at nice, modern countries like Canada and the United Kingdom.

The evils of socialism are numerous yet difficult to list!

You might think that, for the amount of resistance, the evils of socialized medicine would be plain on the face of the matter. A quick interview with opponents of the idea will swiftly reveal this to not be the case. In fact, it appears to be a gut reaction to the idea of spreading the burden of a societal issue all around society so no one is forced to bear more than they can carry. You know, like exactly how existing medical insurance works.

It appears this “socialism” is too much to swallow. It sounds icky and reminds folks of communism, which has the permanent stink of the Very Bad about it. Plus all that Russia stuff, and we used to really not like Russia, right?

Despite the fact the first-world “socialist” countries with public healthcare far outnumber those without it, and that this socialism appears to be supporting society quite nicely, it’s obvious that the implementation of a similar system of America would lead to utter societal collapse. Imagine the crowding on the roads from all those not-dead folks driving to work! Traffic is bad enough as it is!

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