Man Gets Arrested For Eating With Woman… In Saudi Arabia

Photo by The Times of Israel

There aren’t many places in the West where someone can get detained based on their race or gender… or maybe there are. However, western countries are generally considered to be safe places for people of all kinds of sexual orientations and skin color. That is, at least when compared to a lovely parcel of oil wonderland named Saudi Arabia where women cannot even show their faces in public.

One man from Egypt actually got detained for merely eating with and having a good breakfast with a female Saudi co-worker. Apparently, even public places there like McDonald’s or Starbucks have gender divisions where a spot for single men and families exist. There, single men must eat separately with from women or vice versa. So when Saudi men see an Egyptian man eating with a Saudi woman, well, you get the picture. There was also a video uploaded by the Egyptian man himself:

Apart from not being able to eat with the opposite gender, women in Saudi Arabia are also not allowed to do most things without being accompanied by their male “guardians.” This is usually the husband, or the father or brother of the female. Hence, the Egyptian man was arrested. The Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development accused him of “committing several violations and taking up a post exclusively reserved for Saudis”.

Of course, the opinions are mixed, in Saudi Arabia, the people criticized why the man was the only one arrested and also wanted the woman punished. Meanwhile, in Egypt, people got angry and wondered why an arrest was even necessary for something that safe. What do you think of Saudi Arabia’s law and treatment of women? Feel free to discuss below in the comments.

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