McDonald’s Staff Chase Rat Out Of Restaurant With Brooms [Video]


Video footage has surfaced that displays staff chasing a huge rat out of a McDonald’s restaurant in Europe.

It seems as if the smell of grilled burgers lured a rat inside a McDonald’s in the UK; Photo: Giphy

The clip was shared on social media and has since been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

In the video, McDonald’s workers use brooms and mops to chase the large rodent out of the establishment.

The visual was filmed on Friday night in the Croydon branch of the planet’s biggest fast food chain, on Church Street.

Low budget rat trap; Photo: Giphy

In impartiality, it’s a well known fact that you are never too far away from a couple rats in the Greater London area. It just appears as if the smell of all those grilled burgers lured this one in.

To give the staff the benefit of the doubt, there was no jumping on table tops or screeching about it; they just got wedged in with their mops, brooms, and anything they had to hand in order to scurry the rat out.

A spokesperson for the conglomerate said the staff ultimately managed to get rid of the problem and they then recruited the services of a pest control company to see that the rat didn’t have any of his amigos hanging around in the eating house as well.

The spokesperson stated: “Hygiene and cleanliness is of utmost importance to us.

“A rodent made a well-timed run through the front door, but our staff reacted quickly to make sure the visit was a very brief one and ushered it out of the restaurant, unharmed.

“We immediately asked pest control experts to carry out a check of the restaurant, with further checks [also taking place] in recent days.

“All of these checks have confirmed no evidence of pest activity and we are confident that this is an isolated incident.”


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