People Are Reminiscing About Twitter’s Finest Moments and It’s the Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

People Are Reminiscing About Twitter's Finest Moments

Since it’s launch in 2006, Twitter has changed the way we consume news. Gone are the days of  screaming headlines and exposes splattered across the covers of newspapers, with social media, news can be broken anywhere at any time – all you need is the right hashtag.

Although any social media can make a story go viral, Twitter is the king of breaking news in the digital sphere. It’s the network that brands, celebrities, and even politicians use to connect with “the people.” Just ask Donald Trump, whose bizarre tweet tirades trend on an almost daily basis.

So when Washington Post reporter Gene Park asked his followers “What is the best day ever to be on Twitter?,” there were plenty of responses.

The La La Land/Moonlight Oscar’s mix up was popular

As was the whole Kanye “Slavery was a choice” debacle

Remember last year when Ted Cruz liked a hardcore porn clip? Of course you do, because Twitter never forgets

A racoons epic journey up a skyscraper got a lot of love

And obviously Trump made the list…

But the top answer was 26th February 2016, which was doubly memorably as the day of both the “epic llama chase” and the “What colour is this dress?” disaster.

What was your “best day to be on Twitter?” Tell us in the comments!

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