These Pet Snails Are Big As Rabbits & They’ll Haunt Your Dreams [Photo]

Like Halloween?

Enjoy being creeped out?

Okay, no worries — we have something that’ll do the job.


Pet snail – big as a rabbit!; Photo: PinsTagram

See, we told you! (Sorry in advance for any prospective nightmares)

This snail, is known as the African land snail. These specific snails that can grow to be almost twelve inches.

These snails too use heavy metals to construct their shells, making them particularly sturdy and tough.

Typically found in Kenya and Tanzania, African land snails are practically the size of a person’s head and are now being found in the U.S. as well.

Another ‘pet’ snail; Photo: Zoooworld

Now, snails aren’t exactly the cuddliest chaps. They’re slimy, egregious, a bit freakish, and they possess all those … folds and stuff.

Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped several individuals from taking the staggering-sized shelled gastropods in and giving them a happy home.

Yes, even snails enjoy a good rub down sometimes; Photo: Giphy

These particular snails are not picky eaters at all, thereby there’s no shortage of plants for them to locate in order to gain subsistence.

The molluscs are however merciless when it comes to property. These monolithic creatures will go so far as to eating the stucco of a home if they are denied access the plants that they wish to deplete.

The univalves too thrive in the most humid of areas and that is why the southern chunk of the United States is experiencing an increase in their population.


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