7 Most Shocking Beliefs Of The Red Pill Community

red pill community

If you’ve never heard of the red pill community, prepare to be horrified. The community, which has become popular on Reddit, believe that it’s MEN who are oppressed in society, not women. Also referred to as the “manosphere,” on the surface it appears like some kind of twisted male philosophy. However, if you dig a little deeper, the things you’ll find are quite disturbing.

The term “Red Pill Community” comes from “The Matrix” franchise where Keanu Reeves takes the red pill over the blue one in order to be unplugged from the virtual world (aka the matrix) and wake up in a reality he was unaware of. So, these guys who belong to this community feel that they’re the selected few who know the truth about gender inequality, and their beliefs are shocking, to say the least.

1. A Female Supremacy Movement Exists

The Red Pill Community

According to the Redpillers, feminism is a form of female supremacy. They feel the feminist movement picks and chooses certain aspects of life where men are considered dominant and then they “highlight female incompetence” and call them injustices. This enables women to wiggle their way into male-dominated industries and fields. They call this “soft power,” which women are able to gain by appealing to the public’s natural pity toward females and by manipulating people with our beauty. Since men don’t have this natural pitty from society, their lives are unfair in comparison. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to pity the guys who came up with this nonsense.

2. Women Are Illogical And Manipulative

The Red Pill Community

It would appear that the Red Pill Community feels that while women are capable of being logical, they’re more likely to allow their emotions to get the best of them, affecting their ability to make decisions. This causes women to be seen as erratic and fickle to all these wise, logical men in the world. These guys also feel that women are manipulative and persuasive, skills they use to as a form of “mental violence” towards men since physical violence is against the law. Obviously, the guys who decided all of this have never had relationships with other men before.

3. Women Are Hypergamous

The Red Pill Community

Apparently, women are only interested in men who are superior to them. The Red Pill Community believe that women seek out hypergamy, which is the act of marrying someone in a higher class system. Whether it’s not having a lot of money or not holding a high position in society, women don’t look at men they see as inferior to them let alone marry them. These men are invisible. Women in relationships will then cheat with men they feel are more superior than their partner. And this is ALL women. Yet, they do believe that women do this at different levels, so we aren’t all gold-digging whores. Apparently, hypergamy can be kept in check by “a conservative upbringing and strong male family presence,” otherwise we’ll constantly be looking to upgrade our relationships.

4. Women Need Men More Than Men Need Women

The Red Pill Community

It would seem that the Red Pill Community feels that women need men more than men need women. A woman without a man is clearly miserable, and this is the fine example they give:

“Just look at single mother households and older single women, they are miserable. Such women need a man to achieve even a semblance of happiness, but men often find these women to be the cause of nothing but misery. The words bachelor and spinster have opposing connotations for a reason, a man’s commitment is his prime commodity.”

See, women are the gatekeepers of sex while men are the gatekeepers of commitment. Only women decide when sex can occur and only men can decide when commit can occur. While it’s implied that commitment from a man would result in sex from a woman, this is not a guarantee. A man can commit themselves to a woman, and they don’t have to have sex with them. What a shocker!

5. Women Are Depreciating Assets

The Red Pill Community

The only value women hold are their beauty and their fertility. Since both fades over time, their value according to the Red Pill Community depreciates. Apparently, us ladies waste our twenties getting wasted and hooking up with a slew of men, and then we hit our thirties, and everything starts to change. We notice a wrinkle and immediately feel the need to settle down. Since we spent our twenties drinking heavily and experimenting with drugs, we’re all prone to premature aging. God forbid we age, and we’re no longer considered gorgeous. Men, on the other hand, gain more power and success as they get older, making them more attractive and appreciating their value over time. According to this community, men age like wine while women age like milk.

6. The 80/20 Rule

The Red Pill Community

According to these Red Pill nutjobs, 20 percent of men are having sex with 80 percent of women. That leaves 80 percent of the world’s men without a sexual partner, which seems quite illogical. But these guys seem to think that all men are entitled to sexual partners, whether women are interested or not. And it all has to do with family values.

“Only in conservative pro-monogamy societies is each man guaranteed a wife within his relative social league.”

Guaranteed a wife. Sounds like the kind of society I definitely want to be a part of!

7. White Men Aren’t Priveledged

The Red Pill Community

Redpillers believe that any woman or non-white male who achieves something or outperforms them cheated somehow. For example, if a woman receives a promotion at work over a man, those of the Red Pill Community will likely believe that she performed some kind of sexual favor or used her manipulation skills in order to get ahead. They wouldn’t ever think that she actually worked hard and deserved the promotion. That thought just wouldn’t cross their mind. When white men have an advantage over women or those of color, it’s because they’re simply better at the task at hand. Redpillers don’t believe race or gender has anything to do with their positions in society.

Even though the community’s beliefs are far from traditional, their little cult continues to grow. As you can imagine, this concerns the public as the Red Pill Community has some twisted views on rape, racism, and a woman’s position in society. They’re thought of as a gateway community to the alt-right, aside from other creative labels people have come up with. If you’re a woman, a person of color, or anyone with even an ounce of common sense, then this definitely isn’t the kind of group you want to befriend.


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