Reddit Top 500 AMAs Revealed With Collected Data

Reddit Top 500 AMA Sessions

Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” interviews (or AMAs) have become a very successful part of the social networks platform. On Thursday the network shared what it considers to be the most successful AMA’s of all time.

The social platforms Top 500 AMAs are broken down into various categories from Actors/Entertainers to Gaming, Medical Conditions, NSFW, and everything in between.

The AMAs have been active for three years and in the last year alone more than 4000 sessions have accumulated at least 100 comments each. If you’re keeping score at home that’s 400,000 comments.

Here are the links to Reddit’s full list of its Top 500 AMAs.

  • Actors/Entertainers – 80 AMAs
  • Athletes – 9
  • Authors – 11
  • Business/Entrepreneurs – 30
  • Crime/Prison – 12
  • Directors/Crew – 39
  • Gaming – 33
  • Journalists – 28
  • Medical Conditions – 17
  • Military – 13
  • Musicians – 19
  • NSFW – 10
  • Other – 130
  • Political – 38
  • Science – 31
Here’s Ask Me Anything sessions broken down in graphic form:
Reddit Top 500 AMA Sessions

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