Hilarious Ways Liberals Troll Trump Online

Troll Trump Online

Trump can dish it, but we all know that he certainly can’t take it. As one of the biggest trolls on the internet, our darling president tends to have a meltdown any time an insult is sent his way, something that has become so entertaining that pushing his buttons has become somewhat of a game for a lot of people. A game that anti-Trump liberals have gotten pretty good at. Here are the most hilarious ways liberals troll Trump online.

Googling “Idiot” Brings Up Trump’s Pictures

Troll Trump Online

After the internet worked to get “American Idiot” to the top of music charts during Trump’s visit to the UK, Google image search results for the word “idiot” naturally began to display Trump’s ugly mug. Reddit users then decided to encourage others to upvote a post containing Trump’s photo with the word “idiot” so that Google would think the words are related.

The results are hilarious, and as you can see in the image above, it actually works! Search the word “idiot” in Google images and see for yourself. As more and more media outlets report on this, an occurrence called a Google bomb, the trend is reinforced further. Once people stop talking about this, however, Google’s algorithm will change the image results back to something more relevant.

“America First” Spoof Videos

After Trump declared that he would be putting “America first” in his inauguration speech, Europeans started releasing spoof videos. The trend was quickly picked up by countries all over the world, where they introduce themselves to Trump and ask if they could be second. Far too funny to describe, it’s best if you just watch. The video above came out of the Netherlands, and here’s a link to the rest!

Poet In Chief

Troll Trump Online

Donald Trump is hardly a poet, but Reddit user Darby Crash decided to troll the president by giving people the ability to convert his irrational and often illegible tweets into a work of art. He did this by creating an algorithm that turned those tweets into beautiful poems with his website “Poet in Chief.” Unfortunately, the website is no longer live, but many of the poems have gained popularity and continue to live in the cyber universe.

Teach A Class On Trolling


If you’re trolling Trump, what better way to do it then to teach others how to do the same. That’s exactly what Lone Suspect did when he created this hilarious how-to video. The self-proclaimed professional Twitter troll advises that in order to get Trump’s attention, you’ll need to do so within the first few words of your tweet as the president “has the attention span of a kindergartener on cocaine.” If your dream is to get blocked by Trump on Twitter, then this guy has a few useful tips to help you get there.

Writing Satirical Kindle Books

Troll Trump Online

What better way to troll the president than by writing satirical Kindle books about him? Since Trump is illiterate, it’s unlikely that he’ll be checking them out himself, but he’ll definitely learn about it from one of his sources. Some major celebrities and publications have released satirical books about the president including Alec Baldwin’s You Can’t Spell America Without Me, The Trump Leaks written by the editors of The Onion, and MAD About Trump: A Brilliant Look at Our Brainless President.

If you enjoy Trump’s erratic outbursts, be sure to share and retweet the efforts of your favorite liberal trolls so we can keep the anti-Trump movement going!


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