Social Media Makes List Of Major Tech Trends In Education For 2013

Social Media in Education for 2013

Social media has invaded almost every aspect of our lives. During the day we log onto Facebook and Twitter to chat with friends and even in the workplace we have LinkedIn, Yammer and other enterprise solutions. One area where social media is really catching fire though is the education space.

The team at recently compiled a list of the major tech trends in Education they expect to see in 2013 and not surprisingly social media made the list.

According to the company’s research, social media will be used by students to share their own work and to educate the community about what they learn. The company notes that several universities have already used social media in a positive way. For example, one class setup a Facebook page to make their community aware of environmental issues in the area.

The education tech trend study found that 100% of universities surveyed have a Facebook account. 80% of universities also have a Twitter account and 70% have either a YouTube or Vimeo channel.

The survey notes that 53% of students now own a smartphone and 47% own a feature phone. With mobile apps for social networking spreading like wildfire the move towards social media in education for 2013 makes total sense.

Here is the full infographic which features social media and technology based trends for 2013:

Major Tech Trends In 2013 - Social Media

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