Girl With Unfortunate Last Name Gets Censored By Website Because It Was “Offensive”

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The internet can be quite a weird entity because of the demographics of its users. On one hand, we have the more extreme and explicit content which is consumed by adults on the other, we have children which frequent the cyberspace more the playgrounds nowadays. So the result can be a mixed algorithm to keep things wholesome for everyone and that means stern censorship. Even a last name can get censored.

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Some words which initially do not have vulgar meanings are censored for having a slang. That is exactly what happened to a girl named Natalie with a rather unconventional last name: Weiner. As such, Natalie can be quite a funny Weiner, just imagine all the things that might have happened to her growing up, unless she was bullied, of course. Here’s the best thing that ever happened to Natalie:

Anyway, Natalie was creating an account for a website, but she got rejected since her last name was considered offensive by the censorship algorithm. The website seems to think the word “wiener” stands for something else other than another word for a hotdog. Granted, lots of things look like hot dogs, especially long, wiggly things with a curved end… you dirty dog, you:

Natalie then asked for the website to reconsider via Twitter, and that consequently attracted a lot of people whose last names leave them wanting. There’s was even a man named Butt and even Med*ck, oops, not sure why that got censored.

Then, it got more explicit, unintentionally, of course. I guess you could say that the Twitter thread entered its “phallic stage…”

At least they are not named Gaylord Focker, right Ben Stiller? As for Natalie, the website has removed her last name from the censorship list, and she will be able to use Wiener soon.

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