South African Students Walk Out And Protest Because Their Exam Was Too Difficult

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If finally happened, some students finally snapped under academic pressure, and in college nonetheless. A class in one South African university protested just recently. It was not due to laws, tuition fees, or even other social matters— no, apparently, their exam was just too difficult, hence the walk out and the protest of the whole class.

Photo by Sick Chirpse

One would think that it was because their test involved math, but it did not. It was actually an educational philosophy test for the third-year education degree students of the University of Limpopo in South Africa. The incident was even caught on video and has since become a viral topic on social media. Take a look below:

In the video, some students can be heard complaining that the exam was too difficult. Others can be seen merely throwing their papers in the air. It appears that mob mentality has also prevailed and the students proceeded to walk out of the class. However, some were claiming in defence that the school actually gave out the wrong module paper and not because the exam was difficult, hence the walkout.

As such, the exact incident and what caused it is muddy at the moment and under investigation by the school executives.

Still, this did not stop a lot of people from criticizing the students since someone posted their exact exam papers and they did not appear to be too difficult for college students.

They are, after all, exams still, and as such, are bound to be difficult to some degree. It’s still not clear what really may have been the cause of their walkout and the issue is still under investigation.

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