Melania Trump Body Double? Footage Leans Towards The Possibility


New footage of Melania Trump has sparked fresh claimants the United States First Lady is utilizing a body double.

Twitter feels Melania Trump has an undercover stand-in; Photo: Giphy

The video, which demonstrates United States president Donald Trump and his wife boarding Air Force One in Columbus, Ohio, was filmed on August 24.

However heaps of conspiracy theorists have contended the body language and appearance of the woman in the clip is substantially different to the “real” Mrs. Trump.

Cynics speedily shared the video online, with numerous pointing out the woman’s hair “seemed to be darker than the First Lady’s.”

“Not her. Not her posture, profile, poses. No sir, no way, no how,” one Twitter user claimed, while another added: ” … hair colour and hair parting wrong, blouse wrong, jacket collar wrong, logo on sunglasses missing on double … it defo ain’t her,” said one Twitter user.

Others pointed out the alleged “body double” looked to be bigger than the 48-year-old with dramatically different facial features.

“It’s a body double that weighs a good 20lbs [9kg] more. You can see it in the round face and the ‘tummy’. Hair is a totally different colour and the hairline isn’t the same,” another said, while someone else tweeted: “No way, look at the face, it’s fuller, Melania has high cheek bones” and another said: “Look at that profile. It’s not her.”

Many compared images of Mrs. Trump taken earlier that day to the photo in the video, suggesting the pair must have switched places at some point.

According to the widespread conspiracy theory, Mrs. Trump possesses a body double who takes her place at public events during certain times, and it has been ignited by her predilection for clothing, sunglasses and accessories that often cover part of her face.


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