2-Year-Old Creates His Own Cooking Show & It’s The Cutest Thing [Video]


A two-year-old baby has become an improbable star after featuring in his very own uproarious cooking tutorial — and actually doing a bang-up job.

Roman, 2, now has his very own baking tutorial show; Photo: Giphy

The toddler, who is titled Roman, chefs up a storm on his pioneering baking show — smearing flour mustaches onto his face prior to shoving his tongue in cake batter for a chappie taste — cracking eggs, creaming butter and sugar, whilst blending all ingredients in some flour before topping off a sponge cake with turquoise frosting and sprinkles.

Posting the vid to YouTube (seen below), Roman’s mommy wrote: “Say hello to a new series called ‘Roman’s Cooking Corner’! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as he did making this cake!! If you have any future recipes you’d like to see Roman make, be sure to comment below!!”

One flabbergasted YouTuber commented: “I think there supposed to be a cake underneath all those sprinkles. Lol. You’re on your way to the big leagues.”

Gifted attributes can, in fact, be acknowledged in toddlers and even babies if you recognize the signs. They may include:

  • Extreme alertness or constantly looking around
  • The necessity for constant stimulation while awake
  • The need for less sleep than most babies
  • Exceptional sensitive to smells, sounds, textures, and tastes as well as an uncommon robust reaction to unpleasant ones
  • The ability to mimic sounds earlier than the average baby

While a baby does not need to have all of these characteristics, most gifted children (like Roman) will display more than one.


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