6-Year-Old Boy Attacked, Nearly Lost His Eye After Standing Up To Bullies

Photo by Gofundme/Dana English

Bullying is certainly something which more parents should keep watch for. Whether your kid is the bully or the one being bullied, the same applies, otherwise some severe cases of physical assault among children might ensue. This is exactly what happened to a poor 6-year-old boy who stood up against seven bullies.

Photo by CNN Money

Carter English was just going by his regular play routine outside his mother’s apartment complex in Olympia, Washington. However, Carter noticed that one of his friends was being picked on by seven other kids and he stood up to them to defend him. The bullies turned their attention on him and allegedly assaulted the 6-year-old.

The damage was a lot worse than what bullies Carter’s age group usually do. Carter was left with a broken arm, large cuts, bruises on his face, and sawdust and wood in his eyes, lacerating one of them. Carter was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctors even feared that he might lose one of his eyes. Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center, however, was able to perform a successful surgery on Carter’s eyes and the boy is now healing and might regain his vision.

Carter still recalled what the seven other kids did to him, rubbing bark and sawdust in his eye, hurling rocks at him, and hitting him with sticks. Dana, Carter’s mother has called the attention of social services. A 5-year-old kid around their neighborhood has been identified as one of the bullies. Still, the age of the alleged perpetrators has made the progression of the case quite difficult, despite being brought to the prosecutor’s office. Dana has since set up a GoFundMe page for Carter’s medical expenses.

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