Lanky Talk Show Host Wages War With Japanese Town And Mayor For The Name ‘Conan’

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Conan O’Brien is a thin Irish vampire which decided to have a talk show and whose only redeeming quality is perhaps his humor… or the lack thereof. Anyway, he appears to like his name so much and believes he owns it despite there being a Conan more charismatic and heroic than him, like the one played by Schwarzenegger back when he was pushing weights instead of papers in a government office.

Anyway, the guy found out that there was yet another one with the same name but who is probably more popular than him. Particularly in Japan, where any anime fan and otaku will know that a Detective Conan anime exists, which is about a genius detective who gets transformed back into a child– quite the show formula. Hence, it has been one of the most persistent franchises in Japan, to the point where a whole town was renamed for it.

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Of course, O’Brien threw a tantrum and decided that he must go to war against the anime franchise. And so, the copyright wars ensued with the narcissistic ginger talk show host demanding ¥3 trillion (Yen) which is equivalent to $27 billion (USD), since the said town was named Conan Town. Here’s his tirade:

Well, Japan is not backing down to some pale American redhead, specifically the town mayor Akio Matsumoto. He demanded that O’Brien comes to the town himself if he wants his ¥3 trillion.

To: Conan O’Brien
From: Hokuei Town (“Conan Town”) in Japan

Thank you for introducing Hokuei to the world.
Here is a famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle quote as a present to you from the mayor of Hokuei:
“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”
It’s elementary my dear, Conan O’Brien.

If you want the money, come visit Hokuei.

Because of this, O’Brien just increased his demands, now he also wants a key to the city as well as the key to everyone’s homes in the said town. Take a look:

It wasn’t long before Mayor Matsumoto gave another reply to O’Brien. It turns out, the mayor also had some “modest demands” of his own, which is to have his face next to Lincoln on Mount Rushmore, his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame, and 15,000 American hamburgers for each resident of the town. Check out his dare below:

Stay tuned to O’Brien for the awkward Irish grandma‘s reply to the bold challenge from Mayor Matsumoto.

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