Murder Of Crows Gets Trained To Clean; Kills It With Cleaning Job In Amusement Park

Photo by TeeTurtle

With the current behavior of the average human being, it can be quite a wonder how we pride ourselves as the most advanced creatures on Earth. There are certain things which animals are can do better than us, even in an urban environment. These include self-control, unconditional love, loyalty, and of course, keeping the environment clean.

Of course being human beings, most of us are environmentally challenged, a quick glance at some of the most populated areas of the world are enough to convince anyone. People just don’t know how to clean up their trash. Hence, in one amusement park in France, it was not the human species that got the job of cleaning, but rather six wild crows.

Photo by The View From Right Here

That’s right, the crows named Baco, Bamboo, Bill, Black, Bricole, and Boubou are cleaning up after human beings, embarrassing right? Also, the keyword there is employed, that means they get paid for their labor, in treats, much more cost effective perhaps. Still, they can only pick up light or small garbage such as cigarette butts, plastics, papers, and wrappers. They do not even need much “caws” to clean…

The training for them was quite easy, once the six crows knew that picking up trash equated to rewards, it became easy to employ them. Of course, this was apparently not the most complex thing they have done as a species. They simply are one of the most intelligent birds ever. Now, Baco, Bamboo, Bill, Black, Bricole, and Boubou are not only cleaning up the trash but also the park visitors’ conscience in littering since a lot of them reportedly stopped doing it after seeing the birds clean up after them.

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