Couple Trying To Get Pregnant For Years Were Doing It In ‘Wrong Hole’


A man and wife from a village in China had been having regular relations in a slipstream to conceive a child, but were having no luck and visited a doctor to find out what was up.

Husband and wife trying to get pregnant for 4 years were in fact having anal sex – and the wife was still a VIRGIN; Photo: Mommy, For Real

The atypical flub came to light after a 24-year-old woman and her 26-year-old husband went to see an obstetrician about their lack of procreating success.

When Dr. Liu Hongmei examined further she found out the woman had sex on a regular basis but that it was “unusually painful” every time. At first Dr. Hongmei thought her patient might be suffering some sort of disorder or disease.

However, further tests discovered the inept couple from Bijie, had been having anal sex the entire time.

Further examinations confirmed this and astonishingly found the wife was a virgin.

Science has taught us that it is impossible to impregnate a woman by ejaculating semen into her anal cavity; Photo: Giphy

Dr Hongmei said: “Four years of marriage and neither the husband nor wife knew how to get pregnant.

“Couples so lacking in general knowledge are very rare.

“But it is not uncommon for people to lack or have misconceptions regarding sexual knowledge.”

The doctor then purportedly handed the married couple each a sex-ed handbook and too gave them “guidelines” prior to sending them both home.

Apparently the advice worked, as news of the wife’s pregnancy arrived just several months later.

They reportedly told the doctor that they were finally expecting — and sent a live hen and 100 eggs as gifts.


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