Gangling Talk Show Host Dupes Trump Into A Phone Call Amidst Political Turmoil

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For someone who is named Conan, you would expect him to look like a jacked-up alpha super wolf dynamite apache killer. However, we’re probably just confusing Conan the Barbarian with the name. Conan O’Brien is no such thing, he’s a tall, awkward Irish grandma, but even so, he managed to pull a prank on the President of United States, beat that one Jimmy Fallon, or Kimmel… or Corden– wait, how many Jimmy’s are there as talk show hosts? Anyway here’s how Conan duped Trump:

How did he get Trump? Okay, he didn’t, that guy on the phone was a ripoff. But the joke’s on you for believing that someone named “Conan O’Brien” would ever be entertained by the U.S. President. Still, that guy on the phone might as well be Trump, he talks like, sounds like him, and does fake news like him. Here’s a conversation between Trump and Obama, 100% (un)real:

It was quite a shame Conan never got him to talk about the recent scandal with Paul Manafort. That would have been an interesting conversation. If you are itching for Republicans getting pranked, then Conan is probably not your guy, but rather Sacha Baron Cohen. That man is out for right-wing blood right now and has an ongoing killing spree.

Still, Conan’s efforts to be political and to involve Trump in his segments have been quite interesting. He has been to Mexico to check up on how the people there will pay for Trump’s wall. Well, they won’t, here’s a video about how they do not like Trump:

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