Huawei Caught With False Advertising; Fakes Nova 3 Smartphone Photos With DSLR

Photo by YouTube/Huawei Mobile Egypt

It is an open secret right now that things are not what they appear in the world of advertising. Everything is so perfectly staged and manipulated in that industry in order to make people take the bait. Just take a good look at McDonald’s and some of the most ubiquitous fast food brands out there. However, Huawei seems to take the cake this time as they were caught faking their smartphone photos.

If you have seen the recent advertisement for the new Huawei Nova 3i in Egypt, the brand boasted the cool camera facial recognition features of the new phone. However, the female model in the ad kinda slipped up and posted an Instagram photo of the photography session for it. Surprise, surprise, they used a DSLR instead of the Nova 3i’s camera. Here is the actual ad:

And below is a screenshot of the now deleted Instagram post from Egyptian actress and model Sarah Elshamy:

Photo by Peta Pixel

Apparently, the Nova 3i was supposed to make relationships stronger since Elshamy’s face got detected by the beauty AI of the phone despite not having makeup yet. It appears that that was not the case since they did not use the Nova 3i for that shot. It is also known that DSLR cameras have better and more advanced face detection software. So much for this:

Photo by YouTube/Huawei Mobile Egypt

Now, faking something as important as that feature can even be considered as straight-up swindling. A lot of people buy smartphones for their camera capabilities since that is their primary selling point. Still, the internet has taken notice and is now lambasting Huawei with cries of false advertising and boycott. One could wonder what that Instagram post would do to the sales of the Huawei Nova 3i, or what else is fake with Huawei smartphones.

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