Donald Trump Has Blocked a Cat on Twitter For Being Mean to Him

Donald Trump Has Blocked a Cat on Twitter For Being Mean to Him

If you’ve ever wondered whether Donald Trump is a cat or a dog person, here’s your answer. The President has blocked a cat on Twitter (yes, you read that right) despite a ruling from the supreme court stating that he’s violating the First Amendment by doing so.

@BitchestheCat shared a screenshot showing that Trump has blocked her, along with the caption: “I really hope that the history books remember to note that this President was so weak and so insecure that he blocked a cat on Twitter.”

When asked what the Wisconsin-based feline had done to deserve being blocked, Bitches responded by linking to every single tweet she’d ever sent to Trump. It turns out that the cat isn’t a fan of 45, with multiple posts criticising the President’s behavior and policies.

Still, Bitches is not alone. Trump has blocked many Twitter users in the past, including horror author Stephen King and model Chrissy Teigan.

Back in May, New York judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled that as president, Trump’s Twitter account is a public forum, and by blocking users he is violating their right to free speech. Which is ironic, considering his recent Twitter tirade over social media sites banning alt-right radio host Alex Jones from their platforms.

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