Man Who Set Bus Driver On Fire In Suburbs Will Not Stand Trial


A man who lit a bus driver on fire with passengers aboard in 2016 has been deemed unfit to stand trial on mental health grounds.

Bus driver Manmeet Alisher was burnt alive by Anthony O’Donohue; Photo by: SBS

The family of a Brisbane bus operator slain in 2016 say the man who set him ablaze should never be allowed to walk free after being ruled unfit to stand trial.

Queensland resident Anthony O’Donohue lit a backpack which contained a bottle of fuel and tossed it inside the bus being driven by Manmeet Alisher while he was collecting passengers in Moorooka, a Brisbane’s suburb, in October 2016.

On Friday, Queensland’s Mental Health Court declared O’Donohue unfit to stand trial on the grounds of mental health.

He will be held in a mental health facility for at least 10 years.

However, Mr. Alisher’s family say he poses a threat to others and should never be allowed to walk the streets free.

“This is not enough for that person because the crime he did … he murdered Manmeet, that is out of this world and the thing is, that person should not (be allowed back) into society for the rest of his life,” said family spokesman Winnerjit Singh.

Anthony O’Donohue will spend at least a decade inside a mental institution; Photo: Twitter

Ram Saroop Alisher, Mr. Alisher’s father, said he was unsatisfied with the outcome but did not have the option of appealing the judgement.

“The judge said this is the maximum they can do,” Mr. Alisher said via translator.

“He shouldn’t be out of the jail. It could be very dangerous to someone and (he could) kill someone else as well … he is very dangerous for society.”

At the time of the October 28 attack O’Donohue believed there was a grand conspiracy against him and that people were out to get him, the court heard.

When Mr. Alisher smiled at O’Donohue as he boarded the bus he took that as a sign the conductor was part of the conspiracy, The court was too told.

Passengers trapped on the flaming vehicle were saved when Aguek Nyok, a taxi driver, kicked out the back door of the bus.


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