A Company is Rejecting Black Female Applicants Because Their Names Are “Too Ghetto”

Multiple black women applying for a job were told they were unsuccessful because their names sounded “ghetto.”

The discrimatory rejection letters were sent from a healthcare company in Missouri to candidates applying for a range of roles.

Hermeisha Robinson, who applied for a customer service position at Mantality Health, received the following letter in her inbox:

“Thank you for your interest in careers at Mantality Health. Unfortunately we do not consider candidates that have suggestive ‘ghetto’ names.

“We wish you the best in your career search.”

After receiving the abhorrent rejection letter, a shocked Hermeisha shared the email’s contents to her Facebook page.

She wrote: “They [Mantality Health] discriminated against me because of my name which they considered it to be ‘ghetto’ for their company!

“My feelings are very hurt and they even got me second-guessing my name trying to figure out if my name is really that ‘ghetto.'”

However, Hermeisha wasn’t the only one to get such a bizarre response to her resume. Nikki Jay shared a similar letter from Mantality Health, while a third applicant, RoRo Nelson, claims to have received the racist email also.

A Company is Rejecting Black Female Applicants Because Their Names Are "Too Ghetto"

The email signature says the letters were sent by Mantality employee Jordan Kimler, who deleted their social media accounts soon after the letters went viral. However, the company now claims the responses are the result of a hack. Kevin Meuret, the owner of Mantality Health, told The Riverfront Times that they believe an ex-employee is to blame, and they have filed complaints with the local police and St Louis County’s cyber crimes division.

A recent survey revealed that the majority of American voters feel race relations have got worse under the Trump  administration, while several incidences of racism against black people have gone viral in 2018.

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