Airport Evacuated After Agents Mistake Sex Toy For A Grenade

Security personnel at airports in Germany are under fire for a third evacuation in ten days — the latest fueled by a sex toy.

Schönefeld Airport; Photo by: WTVA

The screening squad at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport, one of the six busiest German airports, misidentified an Ann Summers vibrator for a hand grenade and called for an evacuation of part of the terminal.

The titillating item was ascertained during an X-ray at the outsize baggage check-in area on Tuesday.

The airport tweeted out: “Due to police investigation concerning a piece of baggage, check-in at Terminal D is currently restricted.”

Travelers evacuated at Schonefeld Airport due to sex toy discovered in luggage; Photo by: Patch

The owner of the ‘offensive luggage’ was reported to be a 31-year-old man who claimed he had bought the vibrator for his female friend. He was permitted to continue his travel with the sex toy still in his luggage.

The airport tweeted: “Police Investigation is over. Terminal D reopened. However, further impairments in passenger handling possible.”

Schönefeld used to be the main airport of the German Democratic Republic, and is now utilized primarily by low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet.

Too on Tuesday, dozens of flights were cancelled at Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt, when the “airside” area was infiltrated by a traveler who had side-stepped the security search vicinity.

Departures were disrupted as passengers were evacuated “landside” in order for them to all be re-screened.

Dozens of flights were postponed, while Eurocontrol elaborated: “Arrivals regulated due to security reasons. Moderate to high delays.”


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