Sausage Egg McMuffin In Japan Contained ‘Teeth’ Fragments; McDonald’s Japan Apologizes

McDonald’s is one of the most popular food brands in the world. It also has one of the dirtiest and almost depressing beginnings for a business franchise, go watch “The Founder” if you’re not convinced. So it is not really quite shocking anymore to see some anomalies in the food you order there, given someone has gone through an extra mile to reveal what they are made of.

Well, one particular McDonald’s branch (Kanazawa Arimatsu) in Japan did not disappoint, or did, depending on your perspective. One of their customers complained that the Sausage Egg McMuffins he ordered had hard fragments which appeared to be broken teeth. Here is the photo of the objects he found in his sandwich, posted on Twitter:

The customer, a 58-year-old man in the Ishikawa Prefecture actually bit into the said McMuffin. Thankfully, but rather, unfortunately, he noticed the tooth-like fragments. He then showed it to the staff and asked what it was upon examining it. The staff did not know what the object was, but it was still submitted for analysis to a health inspector.

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The results of the analysis were never publicized. However, McDonald’s Japan issued an official apology to the customer, along with a full refund. It is worth noting that the meat of the Sausage Egg McMuffin was actually imported from the main U.S., the only thing local were the buns and other ingredients. Still, given McDonald’s track record, those teeth are not exactly the most disgusting things found in their food. Here is a video of the most unappetizing things found in McDonald’s food orders:

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