Bear Bursts Into Woman’s Bedroom, Knocks Over Dresser


A bewildered woman said she was in bed when a black bear thrust into her room and knocked over her dresser.

Black bear; Photo by: The Telegraph

The Canton, Connecticut woman dialed 911 Tuesday morning to report a 400-pound black bear had pressured its way into her home via a screen door and shoved into her bedroom, where she witnessed it knock over a dresser.

The woman said she held still until the bear left her room.

Black bear family; Photo by: Yankee Xpress

The black bear was still in the kitchen when law enforcement arrived, but ran from the house a few moments later.

Police said they tried to track the bear, which hadn’t been tagged by wildlife officials, but they were unsuccessful in locating it.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and local cops said the distinct event was the fourth case of a bear breaking into a home during the past week.

“This will continue to happen as we have no means to control the bear population in Connecticut,” DEEP spokesman Chris Collibee explained to the Hartford Courant.

Though an adult bear is more than capable of killing a human, black bears generally avoid confronting humans when possible.

Black bears seldom attack when faced by humans, and typically limit themselves to making faux charges, emitting blowing noises and mashing the ground with their forepaws. They’ve actually been driven away when people fight with sticks, rocks, binoculars, or even bare hands.


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