Botched $5 Eyebrow Wax Sparks Asian Salon Brawl In Brooklyn And Ignites Race Protest

Photo by The Rainmaker

Eyebrows are certainly a lot more important then they seem. You may have the most beautiful and symmetrical face ever, but take off that eyebrow and the only thing you are going to look like is Lord Voldemort or Churchill. Now, we all do not want to look like a dark lord trying and failing to take over a school or a furious prime minister.

Photo by That’s Life

Above is one example of why 21-year-old Christina Thomas’ refusal to pay a salon in Brooklyn which ruined her eyebrows is understandable. Then there is also the fact that it is a paid service, despite being only worth USD $5. However, the said salon which was owned and run by Asians did not believe that the customer was always right. They refused to let go of the said customer and even beat her and her companions with sticks and acetone. Check out the video below, taken inside New Red Apple Nails salon:

It was not clear exactly which side started the fight, but one would think that a $5 eyebrow wax issue could have easily been resolved without violence. It also appears that the salon staff was quite aggressive, beating retreating customers with sticks. One allegation even claimed that acetone was used in the fight. Regardless, this sparked off a race protest outside the salon. Here is the video of the enraged protesters:

Now it appears that the issue is not just about a botched eyebrow anymore. It also may not have been about eyebrows in the first place even. Apart from the protest as an aftermath, two women have also been charged with assault, then there is also an ongoing boycott from the African-American community to “spend their money elsewhere.”

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