Police Busy With Phone While Driving Hits Stationary Cyclist On The Road

Photo by YouTube/JW Fas

Let’s face it, police in the U.S. have a reputation for being quite tyrannical. There are plenty of videos out there where they can be seen apparently abusing their power and the victims are usually regular law-abiding and tax-paying citizens nonetheless. To think that they hurt the people whose taxes comprise their salary can be rather agitating. Here is one example of police misbehavior or brutality:

Then other times, police just arrest people out of their whims or out of spite. This has been proven time and again, the video below is one famous example set by a YouTuber:

Which brings us to another recent story of a police violation by a YouTuber names Joe Fas, a.k.a. JW Fas. You see, Fas was just enjoying a regular cycling session on a nice sunny day and stopped by an intersection stop sign to check for other cars. Suddenly, and out of the blue, a police mobile hit him and his bicycle, the cop driving the vehicle can also be seen preoccupied with his phone moments before the collision, watch the video below:

Needless to say, Fas’ bike was wrecked and his body was hurting after the incident. He did refuse a trip to the E.R. since he thought it was not necessary. After the incident though, it seems him and the cop parted ways. He still has no idea what happened to the guy. As seen on the door of the police vehicle, the incident took place in Peculiar City in the state of Missouri.

Photo by YouTube/JW Fas

Now, Fas is trying to get the attention of authorities to ban handheld devices while driving. The cop did seem to have gotten off the hook easily since he hit a physically fit adult male. What if it had been a senior citizen or a child crossing the road?

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